Give the gift of Mannix


Your gift will make a life-changing impact

The needs-based scholarships made possible through your donation will change lives and enrich the Mannix community for the future. Deserving recipients will demonstrate financial need and the funds awarded will take the form of a reduction in fees. You will be helping regional and rural students, Indigenous students, and others whose families are doing it tough. 

Together we can create positive change, now and forever, by giving the gift of Mannix to deserving students. Students who, through no fault of their own, would otherwise miss out on all that Mannix offers. 

Your support represents a belief in, and commitment to, their future. 

"Thank you for joining me, and many others in our community in supporting scholarships to help any student, no matter their background, no matter their financial circumstances, to live, grow and flourish at Mannix."

 - Andrew Swan, Principal

Every gift matters.

Every gift makes a difference. Your gift may also support a current student whose circumstances have changed and who now has a need for support if they are to remain at College. Give yours today.