In Conversation with Stephen Spring

 "I have had five careers", said Stephen Spring when asked about his entrepreneurial experiences. Stephen spent four years at Mannix, from 1975-1978, including one as the Mannix College Student Society President. Since then, he has worked extensively in manufacturing, construction and international business, and completed doctoral studies exploring the factors that drive entrepreneurship and innovation in large companies.

Stephen talks candidly about success, failure, and why it's important to take risks. And why he likes wombats.    

Recollections from Geoff Cossar (Mannix 1975)

"It was some hours later before we were delivered back to the Nott by the policemen (we'd had two rides in the back of a Divi Van in just one day – a feat none of us has equalled since).  The crowd at the Nott had grown substantially since we were there earlier, and our return created a fair deal of conjecture.  In answer to the many questions we were asked, we simply stated that we'd been helping police with their enquiries.  That simple, euphemistic response led to the rumour mill at Mannix running completely out of control over subsequent days." 

Geoff Cossar reflects on the Rumour Mill, Leadership, and how his three years spent at Mannix helped him grow from a shy country boy to a young man on the brink of adulthood (adding "my wife tells me I'm still on the journey to adulthood but we're both hoping I get there soon").